Google CEO: “Era Of Computers Will End Very Soon, AI Will Rule”

Google CEO: “Era Of Computers Will End Very Soon, AI Will Rule”

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the next big evolution in the technology will be Artifical Intelligence. As of now, the devices represent different technologies, however, in the future, the concept of the devices might fade away and it will be taken over by the artificial intelligence in the different forms.

Over the time, the devices in any form, mobile or a wristband, would not just play the role of merely being a device but they will work as a personal assistant in the future powered by AI.

If we look at the paradigm shift trend in the world of technology, most of the major technical giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc. are moving towards a technological shift in AI.

Until now, Google had the largest cup of tea in terms of AI but it looks like other technological giants are not too far behind. Facebook is also putting a lot of efforts in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Also, it is building a smart assistant called “M”. Cortana from Microsoft and Siri from Apple are not new to the market.

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